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Remember, you pay "NO PROPERTY TAXES" in a Steiner Land-Lease Community!

There are many things to consider when deciding where to call home. The growing and expensive central Florida home market, the rising property tax rates, plus the rising cost of monthly rental units are reasons enough to find alternatives when buying a home for you and your family. One of the best alternatives is a home in a Steiner Community.

Saving money while enjoying all of the amenities a family expects, is the real reason to consider the Steiner Communities Land-Lease concept. In most cases, the monthly land-lease fee is far less than the cost many homeowners experience just in property taxes.

When considering alternatives, please review the following list of benefits involved with living in one of Steiner’s Land-Lease Communities. It will save you money while providing a great community environment for you and your family.

Because you OWN your home in a Steiner Land-Lease Community, you will be building equity from your home from day one! Later you may want to sell your home, trade-in your home for another or even bequeath your home. Try that with a rental apartment!

The money you save by not having to purchase the land, finance the land, pay closing costs on the land or pay property taxes on the land can be used for many other purposes.

By not owning the land, you can enjoy “Nest Egg” retention in the event land values plummet as we have recently noticed. When you do not own the land you are not subject to land cost volatility.

In a Steiner Land-Lease Community, each available lot is move-in ready saving you time and money. No hassles like those needed to close on a land purchase.

  • Architectural and engineering fees
  • Commissions
  • Title policies
  • Transfer fees
  • Recording fees
  • Preparing a deed and transfer
  • Loan fees
  • Lender’s policies
  • Closing costs
  • Title searches
  • Surveys
  • Building permist
  • Impact Fees
  • Erosions control permits
  • Driveway permits
  • And on and on….

Remember, Steiner Communities offer Land-Lease Communities for all ages as well as for those over fifty-five. Find out what is available today. Call, write, email or visit any Steiner Community and speak directly with the management team for more information and a tour of the community.

Or if you have selected the perfect Steiner Community contact The Homes of Park Place located at 11540 Morris Bridge Road, Tampa. Reach them by calling 813-985-8820 or by email at They or the Steiner Community manager can assist with any home purchase.

These are the covenants or guidelines that are designed to protect you, your home, your family and as a way to offer a higher quality of life by setting parameters for acceptable behavior in a fine Steiner Community. Remember, private property owners have none. In the private property environment, your neighbor can blast their stereo at any hour, repair cars, and let their grass grow to unacceptable heights leaving you helpless to seek corrective measures. In a Land-Lease Community setting, the Community Management team is on hand to take control and enforce the Guidelines providing you peace of mind in a quieter environment.

Guidelines promote a higher resale for your home while providing consistent curb appeal. By taking constant care of your home to meet Community Guidelines, you improve your home investment.

Steiner Land-Lease Communities typically enhance a “neighborly” feeling which instills a stronger sense of community making it a great place to call home.

You can choose from a variety of Steiner Communities providing for better choices like being closer to work and shopping as well as other important locations like church or schools or major highways.

Amenitized lifestyle in a Steiner Community often includes community clubhouse centers, playgrounds, greenbelt areas, riverfront parks, fishing docks, swimming pools, storage facilities for RVs and boats, tennis courts, laundry facilities, hiking and pet trails to name a few and most are included in your monthly fee. Private property owners must face these costs and amenities on their own.

Steiner Land-Lease Communities offer ongoing resident events and social gatherings designed for all ages: families, children, singles and those over 55.

Infrastructure is already in place such as driveways, utilities, etc.

Limited permitting is typically required.

Usually, less difficult transaction and financing is required as model homes or provisions for custom ordering of new homes, as well as purchase options for pre-owned homes are readily available providing you with many floor plan and price-point choices.

Contact any Steiner Community or The Homes of Park Place today to see what is available in higher value, lower cost homes.

Steiner Management Teams instill quality and pride in their work becoming a point of leadership in the community and this service is included in the monthly fee.

Steiner management teams perform resident screening and qualification thereby reducing problems before they begin. Private property owners never know who will move in next door. In a Steiner Land Lease Community, you can rest assured that your neighbors had to meet the same financial criteria, employment verification, landlord reference checks and criminal background checks that you did.

The Steiner Team maintains the infrastructure such as streets, utility systems, entry ways and/or gatehouses, common areas and community buildings and this is included in your monthly fee. In a private property setting, you might have to replace the pool pump, a septic system, or more, absorbing all of these costs on your own. These repairs are the responsibility of management in a Steiner Community and generally with no assessments.

In the Steiner Land-Lease setting, the professional management team adds tremendous value by being responsible for positive aesthetic qualities, consistent curb appeal, and general upgrades aiding in increasing the value of your home investment. Consistent enforcement of the Guidelines, plus all the myriad of things you will not have to think or worry about, frees you and your family to enjoy your home and its surroundings and this service is included in your monthly fee. It’s not that simple for private land/home owners.

Pride of ownership between the resident home owner and the community owner develops a partnership that ensures the interests of both will be met. The community owner has a vested interest in maintaining the community and its desirability. The same for the home owner thereby creating a mutual advantage.

Steiner Communities offer different ways to ensure that only community residents are allowed in after certain hours. Many communities offer Neighborhood Watch programs that rely upon resident involvement to ensure success. The sense of “community” and “neighborhood” becomes a powerful means to keep the area cleared of problems. People feel closer to each other in a community setting and look out for each other too. A single property owner does not always enjoy the “spirit of community”.

Many of our communities accept pets with some weight and breed restrictions and some have designated areas for walking your dog. Another great way to enjoy the community.

Social Recreation is another important contributor to your well being. The clubhouse, common areas, playground(s), pool(s) areas, laundry areas, walking or hiking trails and social events all provide excellent opportunities for residents within a community to mix and socialize and their access is included in your monthly fee.

These and many other reasons should form your basis for moving into a Steiner Land-Lease Community. Steiner Communities offers a selection of twelve communities with each offering a vast array of amenities making your home buying and community living experience one that you, and your family, will enjoy and one that you will all benefit financially from.

Call 800-949-1043 or 800-473-6287, write, email us at or visit Homes of Park Place today. They are your ONE source for higher value, lower cost homes and prove it every day. The Home and Design Center at Park Place is open seven days a week (on the web 24/7) to serve your home and community needs. Call today!

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